Hajj Shokrallah Halvae’i, who is one of Yazd’s dignitaries, has been able to achieve his main goal, which is the same success in business and service to the people in his career. With striving, management and perseverance, as one of the lovers of Iranian history, as well as the lovers of Yazd, Yazd became the leader of Yazd history. Now Holloway Haj Hussein Ab Hayat as the third generation of Haj Shokrallah Ab Hayat, has been able to produce and process sesame products, and the world’s reputation and reputation. Varieties of sesame products include Halvah Ardeh, Ardeh (Simple, Cocoa and Sesame Cream), Mead and Artemis, Sesame Oil, Ardeh Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Berry Berries, White Sesame, Black Sesame and Red Sesame is.