About the collection of aquaculture products

The people of Yazd province, based on the purity of nature and the high nature that they seek to obtain the royalties and preserve their pride and human dignity, have always strived to pursue a different kind of business for themselves and the society in which they live. They are useful and effective.
Today, sesame products such as Sesame, Ardeh, Halvah Ardeh, Olive oil and … have a special place among the basket of consumer goods, which can be attributed to the good activity of the province’s sesame industries, especially the water sector, which has been able to The confectionery industry in the province, country and world is well known.

Hajj Shokrallah Hawalahi Moghlav is one of Yazd’s dignitaries who succeeded in achieving his main goal, the same success in business and serving the people in his career, with the effort, management and perseverance, as One of the lovers of Iranian history, as well as celebrities and lovers of Yazd, will be in Yazd history.

Now, the sesame Abehayat co

Now Haj Hussein Ab Hayat as the third generation of Haj Shokrullah Ab Hayat, has been able to produce and process sesame products called world renown and reputation. In fact, Yazd sesame products have a reputation and good name, and as a delicious and unique souvenir of Yazd, it is the luggage of travelers from all over the world.

Sixty direct personnel and 200 indirectly engaged in aquaculture products.
This collection is standard for 21 products from the Food and Drug Administration and National Standards Organization, Health Promotion and Standard License, which includes sesame seeds (black, brown, white). Varieties of sesame oil (virgin, filtrate, ardeh), spice sauces , Chocolate, Hazelnut …) Mead Ardeh, with juices (sugar syrup, dates, grapes ….) Halvah Ardeh, Condensed Condensed Bottom (Cone Poison) with Rand Sam Sam.

Honors and Credits:

Presidency of Hluvazaz and Assar Union of Yazd Province

A worthy unit from the Food and Drug Administration of Yazd province in 1396

History of cooperation with state and private institutions in the country

Abehayat products

Varieties of sesame products include halvah ardeh, varieties of ardeh (simple, cocoa and sesame cream), mixes of Ardeh and sap, sesame oil, Ardeh oil, virgin olive oil, medicinal herbs, white sesame, black sesame and sesame Red is

In the Haj Hussein Ab Hayat sesame seeds product series, the oil is produced by cold or cold oiling. In all stages of production, no additives and chemicals are used and the oil obtained is 100% natural and without any additives, thus all the unique properties of sesame oil are preserved.

Sesame used in the production of virgin sesame oil Dessert sesame products Haj Hussein Ab-Hayat, like other raw materials, is one of the best and most sophisticated oilseed sesame oils, which ultimately produces oils that smell, smell, and also the natural properties of A special advantage over other similar products in the market.

Beer Sesame Oil With Boa Complex Sesame Complex Haj Hussein Ab Hayat has been a guest of the Yazdis table, Iranians and some countries of the world for many years. The sesame products are the best in its kind in the country according to its originality.