History of Abehayat co

Hajj Shokrallah abehayat, known as Hajj Shokrullah Halvashi, can be considered one of the first founders of the sesame industry in Yazd and even in the country. He was born in 1282 in Yazd, who entered the Sesame Industry since 1298, which in the past was a small traditional workshop, and set up a workshop in Yazd 4 neighborhood. According to the old tradition, he goes to the workshop at the same time, so that the boys learn from the same childhood with the father the tricks of this field. After the death of Hajj Sherkullah in 1347, the boys who have been working in the father’s workshop since childhood continue their father’s work seriously. With time and family formation, the brothers decide to work individually, in which case Jesse, who was born in 1317, built a Haj Hussein Ab Hayat workshop, more seriously than other brothers, to continue the path of the father. Hajj Hussein, in accordance with his father, decided to enter his two sons Mohsen and Majid in the workshop next to him, and it is true that Mohsen would receive a martyrdom in 1363 in the imposed war of Iran and Iraq. After Mohsen’s martyrdom, Haj Hussein continues his Halwa shop next to his only son, Majid, on the Yazd Republic Blvd until 1997, when Hajj Hussein died at the age of 59 years. With this in mind, Majid is the only son of the family of the hereditary family, whose grandfather (Hajj Shukrallah) and his father (Haj Hussein) have started since 1298. He also departs from his grandfather’s father and mother from the spirit of his martyr’s brother, who continues to walk in the way that one can say that one of the rare events that the sesame fruit of the living water will be in the year 1398, reaching the age of one hundred It is a celebration of the centennial of this production unit.